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Bulletin for Sunday, July 21, 2024.

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How to Become a Christian

Becoming a Christian is about accepting God's gift of love. 1. Believe that God created us and wants to love us. 2. Recognize we do things that...

8 habits cover clean copy

The 8 Habits of a Successful Marriage Calendar


Kingdom Ministries

Ministry is serving Jesus Christ and His cause, serving His church, and serving others. We use the acronym W.I.S.D.O.M. which stands for...


L.I.F.E. Care Groups

New Song Bible Fellowship Church would like each family to have a point of contact. Each group assists the Pastor in the care of the...


Kingdom Men

Part of NSBFC's aim is to bring cohesiveness and unity to the male members of the New Song Bible Fellowship family by way of fellowships, seminars, workshops...



S.A.L.L.T. (Sisters Abounding in Love Light & Truth) Women’s Ministry is designed to assist the women in building meaningful relationships; providing an atmosphere of fellowship around...


Young Adults

The purpose of New Song Bible Fellowship Church’s Young Adult Ministry is to provide a community for those who are ages 18-30...



The purpose of New Song Bible Fellowship Church’s Youth Ministry is to train and develop young people...



NSBFC Children’s Ministry vision is to develop children who understand the Word of God. To help them cultivate a heart for His purpose for their...