Disciple’s L.I.F.E. Fall Prayer Series

The Disciple’s L.I.F.E. Fall study series is “Journey into Powerful Prayer, A Study of The Lord’s Prayer”.

L: Lordship & Loyalty
I: Instruction
F: Fellowship
E: Engagement

Join us every Sunday at 9:00 am in the Upper Room (Sanctuary Annex) for our Disciples’ L.I.F.E. Prayer Series. We have great topics just for you:

Making God's Name Hallowed - Matthew 6:9c
Understanding God's Kingdom - Mathew 6:10a
Accomplishing God's Will on Earth - Matthew 6:10b
Winning Over Worry - Matthew 6:11
Forgiving Those Who Hurt You - Matthew 6:12
Turning Down Temptation - Matthew 6:13a
Four Things That Add Power to Our Prayers - Matthew 6:13b
How To Pray With Power - Matthew 6:9-13

The books are $10 each and can be purchased during class. For more information, please contact the Church Office.

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