Prayer Walk Movement 2021

7 Things you can do in preparation for seeing a move of God during the 7 Weeks of Prayer.

  1. Pray…and ask God to give you a heart to seek HIM daily.
  1. Make prayer a part of your daily morning routine.
  1. Learn to listen for the voice of God in order to know how to pray.
  1. Set aside 1 hour each day or evening to spend in Bible Study and prayer.
  1. Find an accountability/prayer partner or join a prayer group.
  1. Use the P.R.A.Y. outline to guide you in your prayer time. Pray, learn to pray the Scriptures believing God to use you for His glory to impact change.
  1. During the day, read through the Book of Galatians once each week for the next seven weeks and keep a journal of what the Holy Spirit is teaching you.