Discipleship Education

NSBFC Discipleship Ministries are committed to making disciples who carry out the responsibilities of discipleship by learning, teaching and training others to love and fear God.

Christian Education Ministry Team

New Believers Ministry
Set up to give the new believer a biblical foundation based on the biblical teachings of Jesus, the prophets, and disciples.

School of Discipleship Ministry
College style course work designed to equip men and women in the Word of God through formal classroom training.

Disciple’s Life is the foundational strategy for leading people to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and for building Great Commission Christians. Disciple’s life is a structured Biblical Study curriculum designed for Pre-K through Adults; it is our component which corresponds to Sunday school in other churches.

Mid-Day Weekly Bible Study  
A small group mid-day Weekly Bible Study designed to disciple believers through topical subjects and life applications.

A ministry of care for our youngest children ages birth-4 during worship services or special events.  Designed to introduce biblical truth through singing, praying, and teaching.

Children’s Church
The ministry seeks to develop children who understand the Word of God on their level with a heart for His purpose in their lives. It also seeks to make the Word of God practical and insightful, creating an environment of creative learning and fun.

Middle/High School Ministries
The purpose of New Song Bible Fellowship Church’s Youth Ministry is to train and develop young people who can stand firm on their Christian faith as they live in a world that is hostile towards Christianity. The ministry is designed to teach high and middle school-aged youth to defend their faith when challenged in school as well as when they enter the universities, military, and the workplace. In addition, it is designed to help young people become students of God’s Word as well as live according to it. The classes are interactive—fostering righteous critical thinking in order to establish a Biblical worldview at an early age.

Young Adult Ministry
The purpose of New Song Bible Fellowship Church’s Young Adult Ministry is to provide a community for those who are ages 18-30 years old to continue in their Christian life and Christian growth. The ministry is designed to create accountability among young adults—to help each other to grow in Christ and to foster discussions around the everyday life of a young adult. The goal is to maintain young adults in the life of the Church—ultimately becoming Christian leaders within the Church and in the community.

Vacation Bible School
V.B.S. ministry is held during the summer. Our vision for V.B.S. is to make the Bible come alive in the heart and mind of a child. Our mission is to establish an environment of creative play, instruction, and application for the Word of God. Our evangelistic purpose is to bring a child to Christ through salvation and discipleship.