How to Become a Christian

In Summary becoming a Christian is about God’s Creation (you/us) accepting God’s gift of love and life… and experiencing His forgiveness because of our sins. To do this we/you must…

  1. You must…Believe that God created you and loves you.
  2. You must…Recognize you do things that hinder you from experiencing
    God’s love and you must seek His forgiveness.
  3. You must…Have faith that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and He alone
    has overcome everything that can separate you from God’s love.
  4. You must…through Prayer Invite Jesus into your life to be your Lord and
    Savior and turn away from sin.
  5. You must…Trust God’s Spirit to give you power to live a life pleasing to
    God and to make you more like Jesus’ day by day as you grow in God’s
    grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

The following link will help you understand this better in more detail and with biblical references…

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