Journey into Christlikeness

Christlikeness Bible Study




Course title: Journey into Christlikeness (Fruit of the Spirit)

Teachers: Ministerial Staff

Start Date: April 19th 2023

Class Locations: 10:45 AM – Zoom.

                             6:45 PM – Zoom

Book Cost: $10.00

Course Description:

This is a study of the Fruit of the Spirit as recorded in Galatians 5:22-23. The fruit of the Holy Spirit is really just a word picture of Jesus Christ. The nine components compose a trio of threes or a trinity within a trinity. The first trio relates to our relationship with God, the second trio to our relationships with other people, and the third trio to our relationship with ourselves.

Course Objective:

In this study you will be asked to do some work through the week that is essential if you are to really have a “Journey into Christlikeness.” One important part of this is the Scripture memory. In no part of this “journey” is the discipline of discipleship more obvious than in memorizing the Scripture verse each week. Make a commitment to the Lord to do your memory work each week. Remember, you get out of anything what you put in, but also remember that in God's economy you get more than what you put in.

Course Topics:

  1. Class Session - April 19th: Becoming the Person God wants You to Be
  2. Class Session - April 26th: How to be a Productive Christian
  3. Class Session - May 3rd: Winning the Spiritual Battle
  4. Class Session - May 10th: Building Better Relationships
  5. Class Session- May 17th: Finding Joy Every Day
  6. Class Session - May 24th: When You’re all Stressed Out
  7. Class Session - May 31th: The Payback of Patience
  8. Class Session - June 7th: “Try a Little Kindness”
  9. Class Session - June 14th: Being a Good Person
  10. Class Session - June 21st: Getting God to Bless Your Life
  11. Class Session - July 5th: Being a Meek Person
  12. Class Session- July 12th: Getting Control of Your Life
  13. Class Session - July 19th: Producing the Fruit of the Spirit
  14. Class Session- July 26th: BIBLIOGRAPHY...Questions and Answers

Textbook And Helpful Materials:

  1. Journey into Christlikeness.
  2. A Good Study Bible and Reliable Bible Dictionary.
  3. A Good Bible Software.

Grading Plan:

Completion of all textbook required work.

Filling out all blanks in textbook.

Complete Scripture memorization.

Passing Grade for completed work in textbook.


No Absence           A+

One Absence         A

Two Absences       B

Three Absences    C

Four or more Absences    F