Kingdom Ministries

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Ministry is serving Jesus Christ and His cause, serving His church, and serving others. We use the acronym W.I.S.D.O.M. which stands for Worship, institutional Advancement, Shepherding Care, Discipleship Education, Outreach, and Ministry Placement, which are six pillars of our church ministry structure. We desire to develop:

Disciples who understand how to worship God in Spirit and in truth;

  • Worship helps us focus on God
  • It prepares us spiritually and emotionally for the week ahead.
  • It allows an atmosphere for seekers to experience God.

Disciples who are actively involved in outreach; 

  • Outreach helps us to focus on others.
  • It helps us to fulfill our mission of reaching our friends, family, and neighbors for Jesus Christ.

Disciples who build loving relationships;

  • Relationships help us in developing healthy relationships and facing life problems by providing the support and encouragement of other Christians.

Disciples who actively carryout the mission of discipleship:

  • Discipleship helps us to fortify our faith by learning the truth of God’s Word and applying Biblical principles to our lifestyles.
  • Discipleship helps us to find and develop our gifts and talents and use them in serving other in our ministry and mission.

In addition, we have Youth and Children’s Ministries