Audio Message – “The Risen Christ”

A Message of Hope


A Message of Love and Faith

New Song’s Message of Love 

New Song Bible Fellowship Church is a very diverse church located just twenty five minutes from the Capital. As part of a community that is made up of people from all backgrounds, different ethnicities and economic stature, we are truly a refection of the people we serve.

When you visit our church for the first time you will be greeted by members of our church, who will show you love and who will share God’s love with you. You’ll find that when you walk through our doors on Sunday morning, our church is filled with prayer, praise and laughter.

 W.O.R.D driven and Spirit Led

Here at New Song, we are what we call W.O.R.D. driven and Spirit led. What that means is we believe the bible to be the word of God. And that’s what God uses to transform lives by His Spirit.

We’re New Song because we’re victorious and looking into the future. As in the book of “Revelation” it says that one day around the “throne of God” there will be people there from every tribe, every nation and every ethnic group singing a new song and worshipping God together.

 Building Relationships

Often times we run into conflict because we don’t know how to relate. But learning how to relate is so important as we live and minister in the community and even in our home and our work place.

At New Song, we will teach you how to relate with people, your parents, your spouse and even your boss. We’re going to help you build your relationship with God, His children and your pastor. Building relationships is vital in this world because without relationships one is lost.

 New Song’s Message of Faith

Here at New Song, we have many ministries where we go out and share our faith within our community. Members of our church – men, women and our youth have traveled to more than forty different destinations around the country and around the world serving as ambassadors for Christ.

We’re not a mega church but we do mega things for God!

 You are welcome at New Song Bible Fellowship Church

To experience God’s love for you, join us on Sunday mornings. We’re located at 8401 Good Luck Road in Lanham, MD