Outreach Impact

NSBFC Outreach Ministries are committed to making disciples who are actively and compassionately involved in the work of Outreach through ministry to the body of Christ and missions to the lost throughout the world...

Evangelism Ministry Team

Angel Tree/Prison Fellowship Outreach
A ministry of Prison Fellowship that provides gifts for the children of prisoners at Christmas.

Central Union Mission
Preaching and teaching at a recovery center for men in Washington, DC, every fourth Sunday of the month.  An evangelistic message is presented on each occasion.

Tract Ministry
The distribution of the Gospel Message of hope to the lost by way of a written message of hope in Christ.  A unique evangelistic effort used to further the cause of Christ.  A broad variety of gospel tracts are provided at the entrance to the sanctuary for outreach, evangelism, growth, and equipping of the saints.

Open Air Evangelism Team
To proclaim the Gospel in our community, and aid believers to overcome their fears of sharing the Gospel with family, friends, and total strangers.

Community Outreach Team
To reach outside the church walls by taking the gospel to the community, through preaching, testimonies, and evangelistic efforts.

Health Awareness
Providing information on wellness. Helping the congregation realize the importance of healthy eating, exercising, and living well.

Missions Ministry Team

Disaster Relief
Our volunteers demonstrate God’s love in practical ways such as providing hot meals, removing fallen trees from roofs, and making temporary home repairs so that families can move back home after a disaster.

Godparent Ministry
The Guyana Godparent ministry exists to promote Christian development and to provide funds for the physical needs of children in Guyana.

Missions Conference Committee
The Missions Conference serves to highlight the outstanding missions work taking place at New Song.  It also serves to motivate believers to become involved in mission endeavors.

Missions Prayer Team
Recruit participants and organize prayer groups to pray for mission teams, missionaries, and mission conferences.

Short-Term Missions Coordinator
Plan travel itineraries and secure airline tickets and insurance for the Missions Team.