School of Discipleship

Purpose of The School of Discipleship

The goal of the School of Discipleship is to prepare men and women to become faithfully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. We hope to do this by providing Biblical Instruction and methodology for becoming disciples through:
    1. A systemic study of the Word of God.
    2. Building Christian character through fellowship and accountability.
    3. Developing each person’s gifts and skills for effective Christian Service. 

Classes are designed with you in mind! Each class requires a completed registration application and $5 class fee. Books and workbooks are a separate fee per class. All students will receive a certificate upon successful completion of class.

The School of Discipleship has designed a tract of courses that will help you to grow into a fully devoted follower of Christ. As the completion of their prescribed curriculum. A certificate is awarded upon completion of 15 courses (8 required and 7 elective courses), 30 credit hours.

The Disciple’s Victory  is the third Bible study that helps Christians understand spiritual warfare and to gain victory over the world, the flesh, and the devil.
The Disciple’s Mission is the fourth Bible study  that helps Christians gain maturity, train disciples, share the gospel, and discover their spiritual gifts.   
Class begins: Tuesday, January 15, 2019; 7pm
Instructor: Deacon Anthony Conoway
Location: Sanctuary Annex 
Book Set $35

 LIVING GOD’S WAY – A Study of the Book ROMANS
The Book of Romans is rich in practical truths that tell us how to live God’s way. Paul wrote this letter around A. D. 57 during his third missionary journey. It is the first doctrinal book in the NT and follows five historical books: the four gospels that record the life of Christ and Acts that tells us about the early church. Of all the books in the New Testament, Romans gives us the most complete presentation of the Gospel preached by the apostles. The Purpose for studying any Bible book is not just for knowledge, but to develop a closer relationship with God and a deeper understanding of His Word. When studying God’s Word, we must never forget that information without application doesn’t produce the transformation necessary for us to live God’s way.  

Class begins: Wednesday, January 23, 2019
11:00am—Mid Morning Study
Instructor: Pastor Reynold Carr
Location: Sanctuary Annex

7:00pm—Men’s Bible Study
Instructor: Minister Doug Vincent, Men’s Ministry
Location: Sanctuary

7:00pm—Women’s Bible Study
Instructor: Mrs. Brenda Fuller, Women’s Ministry
Location: Sanctuary Annex

LIVING GOD’S WAY – A Study of the Book ROMANS
(youth bible study)
The youth will learn to have a closer walk with God and make His Word applicable to everyday life after this study.
Class begins: Wednesday, January 22, 2019; 7:00pm
Instructor: Minister Hugh Holmes
Location: Lounge—Middle & High School

Answers in Genesis
(Kid’s Study)
Answers for kids is a curriculum designed to greatly strengthen the biblical foundation for children’s lives.  There will be scripture reading, activities, memory verses, and detailed teacher instruction. Your children will be able to share the good news of Jesus.
Class begins: Wednesday, January 23, 2019; 7:00pm
Instructor: Pastor Steven Hill
Location: Learning Center

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